Friday, August 14, 2009

Random musings..

Here are a bunch of random thoughts and pictures to recap the last week or so... .
*Valerie absolutely loves Pepper and I used to feel sorry for the cat until I realized the feeling is mutual. We got her in April and slowly she has become Valerie's cat. She follows her around the house and was -ridiculously- clingy to me when Valerie was at Grandma and Grandpa's last week. She especially likes to lay with Valerie when she watches her morning 'toons. I don't see why Pepper puts up with it since she inevitably ends up with a ribbon for a leash almost daily, but the bond is there.
Eleanor has been full of sass and a half lately. Yesterday I told her to please put my post-it notes back on my desk and she threw them down her shirt and said, "You'll NEVER find them now!! hahaha." and ran away giggling. man. Valerie never has said anything like that to me. It's a whole new world with this little pill!
She does look awfully cute when she's sleeping though :) Even if it's on the stairs.

Look who's 6 weeks already!


Jen said...

Do the girls watch Dora? Swiper the fox says "You're too late, you'll never find it now"! Paige is always quoting shows and movies, it's so funny the things they pick up.

Deb Coe said...

Love the pics, Lindsay - especially the B & W's of Derrick and Maddie. One of those should go on your photography site. How special!!! I think Swiper may be an influence - Ellie often says, "Aw, Maaaannnnn!"

Thanks for posting the pics.

Lindsay said...

ooh it's totally swiper.. she LOVES Dora. I never caught that.. but she does do the 'awww maaaan' lol :) nothing makes a mom prouder than having her baby imitate the BAD GUY on tv. lol :)