Monday, August 3, 2009

Lake Co. Fair

Friday we took the girls to the county fair. They had a blast.. we ate corn dogs, elephant ears, saw the animals, played games.. and some of us enjoyed rides. some of us didn't. ;) Apparently our dare devil child is afraid of kiddie rides. Who knew? After this attempt (she was sobbing the entire ride.. but didn't start crying until AFTER it started, I promise) we put her on another one that she insisted on riding and was hysterical.. they had to turn it off and get her off of it. geeze. She would ride the big rides, just as long as Daddy was with her. And yes, it had to be Daddy. Valerie was the opposite. She wanted to ride everything herself, including the big ferris wheel. She's *almost* 4, you know. lol D said she was taking his arm off her the whole time on the ride telling him that she didn't need him to hold her. :) That's my girl!
They are the top


Aunt Kathy said...

I enjoyed these pictures!! :-)

Aunt Kathy said...

I came back and there was more?? IAm I right, or losing it? Do not answer......I am glad I saw that first pictur eof the girls....OMG, I was laughing my butt funny.....and the way you explained why she is crying....And her big sister expression.....too cute!! Thanks for the laugh!! Hugs!!

April Stilwell said...

Well Miss Ellie. I'm quite surprised :) I didn't think that girl was afraid of a thing!