Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Monday already?

How are you all doing? I got quite a lot of feedback after my last post so I thought I'd update. Some thought I was losing my mind and some thought I was just telling it like it is with a newborn, something that we sometimes don't do for some reason. I'm not sure if we just don't want to scare new mothers, are in denial, or if we think we're the only ones who feel so frazzled after having a baby. Some how our society paints this picture of bringing home a little bundle of joy with the cute little clothes and everyone doting over the precious newborn, sleeping peacefully. Sometimes it is like that. Some days it's not. I think it's okay. Some days it's hard to take a shower. If you do you just have to deal with kids coming in and opening the door to tell you that their sister won't share a toy, or the baby sits in the bouncy seat in the bathroom with you screaming because you just couldn't shower quick enough. Anyway that is life these days.. but I am still genuinely blessed by this girls and hard working husband!!

It is so hard for me to believe that Madeline is one month old already (3oth). She is currently going through another growth spurt which has her up and fussy a lot more than normal, but she is the sweetest thing. I am starting to see tiny smiles once and awhile and she will open her mouth as if she wants to talk to me, sometimes letting out a sound. This is such an exciting time to have a baby as you see them truly blossom into their personalities and start to form those connections with the people around them. I am loving that!!

My parents thankfully took the girls Sun-.. probably tomorrow.. and so I am getting the house put back together, although admittedly, mostly holding a fussy baby. Ahh well :) Atleast we got to enjoy some quiet time together! I will post in a sep post some pics from our trip to the fair Friday and the Morton Arboretum on Saturday. Here are a couple pictures taken last week. We took some photos at the forest preserve around the corner for Maddie's birth announcement.. but here are just a couple out takes (below Madeline's obviously).

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LucyGoose said...

I love reading your blog!!All the pictures are precious and I love both girls with the flowers for sure, but I always just love that middle child, Ellie....LOL....Her face.....I want her.....I will TAKE her.....LOL.....Please let me have her.....I am sorry.....Maybe it's because I can't play grandma......but she is a doll!! She looks spunky and I love that....Don't get me wrong, all the kids are beautiful!! :-).....Hugs!!